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You never know until you try

I don't know if my mom had dreams for her life. 

She never shared with me if she dreamed of being a teacher, a nurse, or something else when she was growing up. 

She never shared with me if there was a certain place she always wanted to see. 

She never shared with me any hopes she had for her future. 

I know she enjoyed most of the jobs she had

  • Floral delivery driver

  • Fulfillment Specialist 

  • Office Manager

  • Overnight stock clerk

I know she was grateful to have been able to see many places

  • Philippines 

  • Canada

  • Washington, DC 

  • San Francisco 

But dreams? I just don't know what hers were. 

Newton's been hanging around a lot lately. At least, 'm pretty sure it's Newton since he has brown shoulders. 

Newton dreams of eating all the breakfast peanuts. He's unsure why I keep moving them farther away from the bird feeder. 

I've tried to tell him it's to lead him to the new squirrel feeder The Husband installed for me just outside my office window. But that's a story for another day. 

Anyway, I've left a peanut trail on the yoga square in my meditation area each morning in hopes of enticing the squirrels to travel.

The yoga square is one of Jasper Cat's favorite spots to nap in the sun or shade. He also sits here around dinner time, lifts his nose, and sniffs the air when he can smell the neighbors using their grill. It's adorable. 

So, Newton became brave this afternoon. With Jasper sitting near the area, he tried to snatch some of those peanuts. He sat there eating one for a brief moment, but not long enough for me to get a good picture of him before he took his peanut to the other side of the mat area. 

A cat watching a squirrel
Spring in Florida is beautiful, once the oak blooms have stopped falling everywhere!

But he dreamed of having those peanuts, and he went after his dream. 

This past week, one of my favorite humans also decided to follow her dreams and start her own business while still working in her 9-5 role.

She has numerous skills that she can monetize, both natural and learned from her university years. She's not sure where those skills will lead her; she just knows that where she's been for three years is no longer where she wants to be.

She is wise about this new adventure. 

  • She's seeking smart counsel from those who've already walked down this road.

  • She's investing financially in learning how to start and grow a business.

  • She's realistic in knowing it will be hard, time-consuming work.

  • She's optimistic that through her work, she can make a life for herself that reflects what she values the most.

She's excited and scared at the same time, and that's what a dream is—a combination of the two. 

I'm in her corner to cheer her on. 

I'll continue to leave the squirrels with a path of peanuts, which will lead them to a dream stash of more nuts and seeds.

And, I think this week, when I go visit with my mom, I'll ask her what she dreamed of being when she was a little girl. I have a feeling her answer will be enlightening. 

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Mar 18

Being excited and scared is definitely a recipe for dreams to come true! Thanks for sharing this lovely message.

Susan Carr
Susan Carr
Mar 18
Replying to

As an amateur chef, I love your analogy, Jordan! For a truly great dish to come together, you have to use the right ingredients! The same is true in following your dreams - add a dash of excitement, a pinch of fear, and a heaping tablespoon of determination, and you're sure to create a masterpiece! Thanks for reading along with me.

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