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Tier 1 - Proofreading

Proofreading includes addressing grammar, spelling & punctuation errors, along with fact-checking, ensuring consistent writing style and standard formatting.

Pricing is based on 1000 words.


Grammar & Syntax


Check for grammatical errors, subject-verb agreement, and tense consistency.


Verify correct spelling and eliminate typos.

Style & Tone

Ensure consistent writing style and appropriateness for the audience.


Confirm uniformity in headings, fonts, and overall formatting.


Verify accuracy of factual information in the document.

Tier 2 -Copy / Line Editing

Copy/Line Editing includes all proofreading aspects, along with enhancing sentence flow and readability, improving word choices and paragraph transitions, and ensuring tone and voice align with the audience.

Pricing is based on 1000 words.



Grammar & Syntax

Check for grammatical errors, subject-verb agreement, and improve syntax.

Spelling & Punctuation

Thoroughly check and correct spelling errors, ensure consistant punctuation.

Style & Consistency

Edit for overall style, ensuring consistency and adherence to a style guide.

Word Usage & Clarity

Improve word choice, eliminate redundancy, and enhance overall clarity.

Sentence & Paragraph Structure

Enhance flow, coherence, and readability of sentences and paragraphs.

Transitions & Cohesion

Ensure smooth transitions and logical progression between paragraphs.

Tone & Voice

Edit for appropriate tone and voice aligned with the intended audience.

Fast-Checking & Accuracy

Verify accuracy of facts, figures, references, and cross-references.

Content Marketing Proofreading


Content marketing proofreading is the final step before hitting publish.

It is different from content editing, which focuses on flow and clarity.

Finding typos, grammatical errors (subject-verb agreement, comma usage, etc.), and punctuation mistakes.

Checking for consistency in spelling (e.g., "colour" vs. "color"), terminology, and style throughout the content.

Ensuring proper formatting for headings, subheadings, bullet points, and visual elements.

Making sure the content is easy for your target audience to understand. This might involve simplifying complex sentences or jargon.

Verifying the information progresses smoothly and transitions naturally between points.

Ensuring the content aligns with your brand's personality and tone.



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Copy/Line Editing


Copy/Line Editing focuses on clarity and flow.

Think of copy/line editing like building a house:

  • Grammar editing lays the foundation, making sure the structure is sound.

  • Style editing adds the finishing touches to the interior, so it’s visually appealing and inviting.

  • Content editing ensures the house has a functional layout to meet your needs.

A review is performed to correct any spelling, punctuation, or subject/verb tense mistakes. Incorrect pronoun usage, capitalization, and articles are examined, along with removing any unnecessary words. Content is reviewed so that sentences are clear, error-free, and meet the audience's suitability.  



Style editing works to improve sentence structure, provide optimal word choices, and help enhance the overall tone. This is done by ensuring a smooth flow of the theme or overarching idea and maintaining the format consistency throughout the text. The end result is polished content that aligns with the intended tone and engages the reader.


Improves the substance and clarity of the writing. Information is organized more uniformly and rephrasing suggestions are offered. The goal is to provide content that is relevant, informative, and engaging to provide a clear line of communication between the text and the audience.

Improves the substance and structure of writing for clarity. Information is organized better, suggests rephrasing, and ensures the content is relevant and engaging for the intended audience. The goal is to create effective and clear communication.

Perfect for: 

Marketing copy, Press releases, Newsletters, Advertisements, Website copy



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Editing Success Stories

Editing Success Stories

  • Author collaboration for a children's picture book

  • Included grammar and spelling checks

  • Focused on clear, kid-friendly sentences

  • Provided creative feedback

  • Collaborated with the author on a 15k-word/83 recipes cookbook

  • Included grammar and spelling checks

  • Formatted recipes

  • Attention given to English wording

  • Collaborated with the author on multiple novellas

  • Corrected grammar and helped to enhance language use 

  • Ensured a smooth flow of the storyline

  • Helped to provide emphasis on characters and plot consistency

  • Helped refine romantic elements

  • Polished dialogue for realism

  • Formatted for consistency throughout the text 

  • Final proofread

  • Thorough review of content, grammar, and spelling

  • Ensured clarity of the narrative to provide for a comfortable flow of sensitive material 

  • Refined the layout and formatted it for visual appeal

  • Emphasized consistency for an in-depth exploration of delicate matters/themes

  • Enhanced tone with empathy and support for the readers

  • Provided thorough proofreading for grammar, punctuation, and structure

  • Helped to maintain consistency in tone for a better reading experience

  • Enhanced clarity and addressed formatting inconsistencies

  • Helped maintain sensitivity to women's unique needs using inclusive language

  • Final proofread focused on eliminating typos

  • The collaboration resulted in a self-help book that will be relatable to the target audience

  • Focused on precision and clarity for this 27K-word finance book 

  • Corrected grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors

  • Maintained consistent terminology throughout the complex language

  • Improved overall text flow

  • Checked for logical structure 

  • The goal was a polished finance book for a diverse audience, including novice investors

  • Provided grammar checks, typo corrections, and feedback for maintaining consistent formatting

  • Improved clarity while preserving empathy for sensitive topics

  • The goal was a polished manuscript capturing being content in seasons of singleness

  • Beta reader 

  • Provided feedback on God, life's purpose, and human behaviors 

  • Contributed to refining the narrative

  • Helped offer clarity on writing about complex themes

  • Discussions covered feedback  about intricate concepts 

  • Focused on enhancing the manuscript's impact

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