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Tier 1 - Introductory Blog

Introductory blog/article provides essential insights on a particular topic, including SEO keywords for maximum visibility, to provide a unique perspective and understanding.

Pricing is based on 1000 words.

  • Research of essential insights to provide perspective & understanding.

  • Delivery Time - 2 days

  • Number of revisions - 1

  • Topic research, references, and citations

Tier 2 - In-depth Blog

In-depth blog/article provides a comprehensive analysis of your industry to provide the reader with tailored insights, uncovering details about the value your business provides, with strategically placed SEO keywords to amplify your online presence.

Pricing is based on 1000 words.

  • A detailed and in-depth assessment to provide a  customized approach.

  • Delivery Time - 3 days

  • Number of revisions - 1

  • Topic research, references, and citations

Tier 3 - Specialized Blog

A specialized blog/article provides a significant time investment to understand your brand and voice and how you can make a difference in the life of your reader; it involves thorough keyword research and SEO optimization.

Pricing is based on 1000 words.

  • Time investment in understanding industry insights  and differing  perspectives to provide valuable results

  • Delivery Time - 4 days

  • Number of revisions - 2

  • Topic research, references, and citations

Writing Success Stories

Writing Success Stories

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Long-term Single Parent Writer for Parenting Website

  • Blended personal parenting experiences with research in writing

  • Emphasized edu-tech products for families' specific needs

  • Provided newsletter content shared across social media

  • Integrated SEO keywords

  • Maintained a balance between humor and sincerity

  • A collaborative effort which positioned the website as a trusted resource for parents and educators


Ghost Blog Writer for Freelance Building Business

  • Focused on enhancing Evolushen Design's online presence and mission

  • Within writings, used language that speaks to the empowerment and education of female freelancers

  • Integrated owner's audio and video content and conducted research to provide further credibility

  • Provided a content strategy for optimal blog release

  • Optimized SEO and included engaging visual elements

  • Included compelling calls to action

  • The collaboration process involved incorporating feedback from business owner to establish Evolushen Designs as a trusted resource for aspiring female entrepreneurs

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Blog Writer for Homeschool Education Blog

  • Crafted engaging blog posts to assist parents in discovering homeschooling tips

  • Focused on exciting learning resources for kids aged 3-19

  • Provided blogs aligning with the website's mission of simplifying homeschooling

  • Researched and created content for parents seeking valuable and fun educational resources

  • Enhanced the educational adventure for parents and children

  • Positioned Hess UnAcademy as a respected website for homeschooling support and resources

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