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As a seasoned copy editor and writer, my mission is to help others have confidence that their content is ready to go to print and provide original content for education and support. 

  • Author collaboration for a children's picture book

  • Included grammar and spelling checks

  • Focused on clear, kid-friendly sentences

  • Provided creative feedback

  • Collaborated with the author on a 15k-word/83 recipes cookbook

  • Included grammar and spelling checks

  • Formatted recipes

  • Attention given to English wording

  • Collaborated with the author on multiple novellas

  • Corrected grammar and helped to enhance language use 

  • Ensured a smooth flow of the storyline

  • Helped to provide emphasis on characters and plot consistency

  • Helped refine romantic elements

  • Polished dialogue for realism

  • Formatted for consistency throughout the text 

  • Final proofread

  • Thorough review of content, grammar, and spelling

  • Ensured clarity of the narrative to provide for a comfortable flow of sensitive material 

  • Refined the layout and formatted it for visual appeal

  • Emphasized consistency for an in-depth exploration of delicate matters/themes

  • Enhanced tone with empathy and support for the readers

  • Provided thorough proofreading for grammar, punctuation, and structure

  • Helped to maintain consistency in tone for a better reading experience

  • Enhanced clarity and addressed formatting inconsistencies

  • Helped maintain sensitivity to women's unique needs using inclusive language

  • Final proofread focused on eliminating typos

  • The collaboration resulted in a self-help book that will be relatable to the target audience

  • Focused on precision and clarity for this 27K-word finance book 

  • Corrected grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors

  • Maintained consistent terminology throughout the complex language

  • Improved overall text flow

  • Checked for logical structure 

  • The goal was a polished finance book for a diverse audience, including novice investors

  • Provided grammar checks, typo corrections, and feedback for maintaining consistent formatting

  • Improved clarity while preserving empathy for sensitive topics

  • The goal was a polished manuscript capturing being content in seasons of singleness

  • Beta reader 

  • Provided feedback on God, life's purpose, and human behaviors 

  • Contributed to refining the narrative

  • Helped offer clarity on writing about complex themes

  • Discussions covered feedback  about intricate concepts 

  • Focused on enhancing the manuscript's impact

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Long-term Single Parent Writer for Parenting Website

  • Blended personal parenting experiences with research in writing

  • Emphasized edu-tech products for families' specific needs

  • Provided newsletter content shared across social media

  • Integrated SEO keywords

  • Maintained a balance between humor and sincerity

  • A collaborative effort which positioned the website as a trusted resource for parents and educators


Blog Writer for Virtual Assistant Business

  • Highlighted the role of Virtual Assistants and support solutions for small businesses

  • Provided expert advice in administration, accounting, design, development, and writing

  • Highlighted how bringing together a team of experts can contribute to efficient business operations

  • Emphasized a client-centric approach within writing

  • Provided support to position Victory Virtual as a reliable business partner


Ghost Blog Writer for Freelance Building Business

  • Focused on enhancing Evolushen Design's online presence and mission

  • Within writings, used language that speaks to the empowerment and education of female freelancers

  • Integrated owner's audio and video content and conducted research to provide further credibility

  • Provided a content strategy for optimal blog release

  • Optimized SEO and included engaging visual elements

  • Included compelling calls to action

  • The collaboration process involved incorporating feedback from business owner to establish Evolushen Designs as a trusted resource for aspiring female entrepreneurs

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Blog Writer for Homeschool Education Blog

  • Crafted engaging blog posts to assist parents in discovering homeschooling tips

  • Focused on exciting learning resources for kids aged 3-19

  • Provided blogs aligning with the website's mission of simplifying homeschooling

  • Researched and created content for parents seeking valuable and fun educational resources

  • Enhanced the educational adventure for parents and children

  • Positioned Hess UnAcademy as a respected website for homeschooling support and resources

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