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About Me

Years ago, Java and Ink started as an idea for an upscale coffee shop/tattoo parlor that played hip jazz in the background. The tattoo idea didn't work, though, considering I'm not too fond of needles. 

In October 2022, when my mom was diagnosed with dementia, I left a lucrative career as an executive administrator and started freelancing to devote more time to assisting with her caregiving

Along the way, when I decided to take the leap and start a business, the name Java and Ink came back to mind, as it fits much better with three of my passions: editing, writing, and coffee. ​


Contact me below for content editing, proofreading, and writing collaborations. I look forward to partnering with you!

Open Book

About my WHY

I want people to know me as friendly and approachable, being so genuine that they feel comfortable and understood immediately, allowing for real connection. 

As your editor and writer, I'm here to transform your ideas into a story that authentically speaks to your audience. By providing you with a partnership built on mutual trust and respect, I make sure your message reflects your vision and captivates your target audience. 

As an editor, I want you to feel relaxed working with me. I provide an honest breath of fresh air while at the same time seeking to challenge your thinking through a careful analysis of your words and a reassuring eye for details. 

As a writer, my words are practical, free of complex concepts, and tap into real-life expectations. My life experiences enable me to see and provide insights from alternative perspectives while interpreting meanings and connecting patterns. 

My blog, Java and Inkwell (which originated as Conversations with Bertrand) is my passion project. I believe that introspection and discovering dimensions of your personality are important parts of growing as an individual and serve as authentic sources of collaborating with others. Through this growth, we are given pieces of wisdom to share with others along the way.

I make the suggestions; you make the decisions.

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